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Gemma Skincare was founded by Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Ben Behnam, also known as Dr. Ben. Dr. Ben's mission in creating Gemma was to develop a premium quality, 4-in-1 collagen serum, one that contains the most popular collagen boosting ingredients in the market while being smooth, super hydrating and never sticky. 
Dr. Ben idea of an all in one serum came about one day as he was watching his wife do her daily routine and noticed that her skincare routine was so complicated. She first washed the face, applied a retinol cream, followed by niacinamide cream, then a vitramin C cream and finally a watered down  hyaluronic collagen serum. All this took more than 15 minutes. Dr. Ben loves all of these products but to him, it looked like a big mess. He then realized that he needed to declutter his wife countertop and make the routine more efficient. He searched and there was no company making a cream that contained all these ingredients. He then had a new vision. Develop an all in one cream to streamline the daily routine.
Dr. Ben set to develop a thick, ultra-smoothing collagen serum as the base and then he added retinol, vitamin C and niacinamide. He tested the product amongst nurses, family and friends and it was a big success. The goal of this 4-in-1 serum is to boost collagen and achieve a younger, glowing skin, just like his daughter. He decided to name the product after his daughter, Gemma. Thus, Gemma Skincare was born.